Welcome to the world of Mike Martin, a business coach, SEO expert, self-made entrepreneur, a prolific author, captivating YouTuber, and thought-provoking multi-podcast host. This webpage is dedicated to exploring the multifaceted talents and insights of Mike Martin, a creative force who has captured the hearts and minds of countless individuals around the globe.

Mike Martin is an accomplished author, renowned for his compelling and thought-provoking books. With a diverse range of genres, his literary works effortlessly transport readers to captivating worlds and engage them with profound ideas. From thrilling mysteries that keep you on the edge of your seat to insightful self-help books that inspire personal growth, Mike's writing, and the story behind it, has touched the lives of many.

Mike Martin's curiosity and thirst for knowledge have led him to launch his own podcast, aptly named "Mike Martin Asks." In each episode, he dives deep into conversations with fascinating guests from various fields, exploring their experiences, insights, and ideas. With his engaging interviewing style, Mike uncovers hidden gems of wisdom and provides listeners with a thought-provoking auditory experience. Mike delves into the heart of the matter, encouraging viewers to question, reflect, and engage in meaningful discussions.


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The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get | Bradley Benner

Join us this week in welcoming Bradley Benner, a true powerhouse in the world of SEO onto the show. With over 13 years of hands-on experience in local SEO Bradley has honed his skills to perfection.

Not only does he walk the walk, but he also talks the talk. Bradley has been teaching SEO and local lead generation to students worldwide for over 9 years, sharing his expertise and helping countless individuals and businesses thrive online. 

Are YOU an Overworked Entrepreneur? | Beejel Parmar 

Our guest today, Beejel Parmar, has been advising entrepreneurs on the subjects of productivity and outsourcing to virtual assistants since 2009.

He has pioneered a home based VA model which now includes Ai modeling. He is often asked to speak at workshops, masterminds networking groups. 

Achieving FREEDOM! You Won't Believe Her Method | Rachel Rofé

This week Mike is joined by the lovely Rachel Rofé. Entrepreneur, multiple time best-selling author and former Walmart Cashier...wait WHAT!?

Rachel takes the time to unravel her journey so far, touching on her first few attempts at making money online and how her big heart got her into BIG trouble. She also blows Mike's mind with her fascinating print-on-demand business model that has given her the freedom that she has always craved. 

ChatGPT Will LIE to Keep You Happy?! | Jonathan Green

This week on Mike Martin Asks, Mike talks to Jonathan Green. Jonathan is a best-selling author who lives a Serve No Master lifestyle.

On the podcast, Jonathan gives us a run-down of his story so far, from getting fired to being robbed by TikTok stars. Jonathan also gets into his experience with AI and the fascinating ways he uses Chat GPT prompts to maximise his results. 

A FREE Mastermind With CPA Royalty | William Souza 

Today on the podcast, Mike chats to 15 year CPA (Cost-Per-Action) veteran William Souza.

Tune in as William talks us through his entrepreneurial journey and how he became the go-to in CPA marketing. 

A Threesome with the 8-Figure Wizards | Donothan Gamble and Jason Caluori 

BOOM! On this episode of Mike Martin Asks, we are treating you to not one, but TWO guests.

You lucky buggers.

Tune in and get to know Donothan Gamble and Jason Caluori, their stories and their methods (which net them and their clients CRAZY money!).


Real Estate Rookie to SEO Pro | Ivana Bosnjak

From a rookie real estate agent to coaching course creators and online consultants.

Join us as Ivana Bosnjak talks through the highs and lows of her journey so far. Get an insight into her strategies and the mindset that has helped her become a successful entrepreneur.


The One Inch Death Punch For SEOs | Brian Kato

This week I welcome SEO and Neuromarketing expert Brian Kato onto the show.

Tune in as Brian hits us with some mind blowing SEO tactics right out of his own playbook.

From Homeless Fat Kid To Cover Model And CEO | Vernon Lee Brown

This week on Mike Martin Asks join my special guest, Vernon Lee Brown, and find out what your 'happi' is.

Vernon has been a coach for over 10 years. Every time I speak with him, I go away feeling upbeat and happy.

Hear all about his rags to riches story and leave the conversation feeling uplifted! This guy is good vibes in a bottle. 

Land Massive PR Hits Without Costly Agency Fees | Zach Schleien

Master the art of landing massive press coverage without breaking the bank with my very special guest, Zach Schleien. 

Despite skepticism and doubts from others, Zach managed his PR efforts single-handedly and part-time, eventually perfecting a system that required minimal effort to maintain. Recognizing the value of his unique strategy, he decided to leverage it to help others. This insight led him to create PR Fastpass, a course offering the same proven PR system that paved his road to success

Rank Successfully In Any Niche | Patrick Tuttle & Gary Affron

With 30 years experience and success in the industry, join us for this very special episode of Mike Martin Asks with Patrick Tuttle and Gary Affron of the Ranking Store.

Find out how to dominate any niche leveraging the power of Google to rank.


10x Your Business With Cutting Edge AI Strategies | Alicia Lyttle

AI expert and course creation queen, Alicia Lyttle joins us this week on Mike Martin Asks. Are you an entrepreneur with big dreams and a budget that doesn't match? You're in the right place!

Uncover strategies and tactics that won't require you to moonlight as a tech wizard or blow your savings on high-end software.

If you're set on accelerating your business growth in ways that are as effective as they are simple, then look no further. This is your launchpad to a successful entrepreneurial journey, faster and simpler than you could ever imagine.

Buckle up, Alicia has it all 

The Godfather Of Link Building: Million Dollar Ranking Sites | Kasra Dash

Master the art of link building with Kasra Dash. The SEO expert with over 650 top ranking websites.

Get your sites to the top of Google and watch the $ roll in with his insights and hidden gems that he has to share on link building and SEO. 

Better Than A PHD - Write Your Business Book In 30 Days | Mitali Deypurkaystha

An internationally bestselling author of The Freedom Master Plan and a former ghostwriter who has helped her clients generate more than $6.5 million in profits, copywriting expert Mitali Deypurkaystha has clients writing their own books effortlessly.

With a dream  of a more ‘vegan-normal’ world, where we’ve stopped exploiting animals, humans and the environment, Mitali became the Vegan Publisher

Her process will save you time and money, broken down into simple steps even a beginner can follow successfully. 

Confessions Of An Email Millionaire | Igor Kheifets

The legend, Igor Kheifets, threw everything he had at email marketing and has never struggled making sales online since.

Listen in to hear why if he had to give up everything and start again from scratch, the one thing he would do is start an email list and why this is the key to success.

Million Dollar Ads In Minutes With Chat GPT | David Cassar

PPC and SEO expert Dave Cassar joins me this week on Mike Martin Asks and unveils AI integrated software.

Hear about how he left a dead end job and started on his journey to the incredible success that he is today, generating over $45 million in revenue for his clients.

World First Chat GPT and Xagio Exclusive with Herc Magnus

Herc Magnus, the rock n roll master turned SEO Superstar. 
A true entrepreneur that invested in crypto before it hit the mainstream, Herc has never been afraid to take risks and firmly believes that business should be done on just a handshake. 
Not only does he have his own SEO agency but works closely with Todd Spears to bring Xagio to the people, one that Mike has integrated into his own work. 

We can't shout about this rock ‘n roll legend and his training enough on this side of the pond

Hear about how he got started in the industry and see his brand new unreleased software in action for the first time ever. 

5.5 million on ClickBank in just 3 years! | Simon Wood

Simon has over a decade’s experience under his belt in digital marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, developing SASS tools and email marketing.

Hear all about his journey to the top in this interview on Mike Martin Asks.

$0 to $40k lead generation expert | Ed Weidman

We really dont need to say much here, Ed is a Lead Gen Legend if we ever saw one.

This week learn Ed's $0 to $40k a month model and how he has streamlined the lead generation process

4 X Email open rates + 70% click through? | Travis Ketchum

Join the king of the inbox here on Mike Martin Asks. 

Introducing Travis Ketchum of Campaign Refinery and learn his trade secrets for email marketing success


Who Wins? Chat GPT vs Relevant.Page | Daryl Ledyard 

Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Software Development, App Development, Radio, even Mobile DJing. Daryl can do it all. 

This week find out the secrets behind AI that google does NOT want you to know, then join Mike and Daryl as they walk you through the next best AI tool for SEO and marketing shortcuts

Uncover the Secrets to Boosting Your Sales | Stefan Ciancio 

"I love webinars so much, I co-founded a webinar software!"

Clearly Stefan's thing is webinars, so he went and built one of the best webinar softwares we have ever seen. 

Join Mike and Stefan as they talk personal life, sales secrets and how Stefan made it big.

Quickly Make Mass Amazon Affiliate Sites | Keith Best

Keith 'The Best'... I mean.. 
Introducing this weeks very special guest to help us start with a bang, Keith Best!

Not only is Keith an affiliate superstar, but he is our resident wizard when it comes to all software solutions

Join Mike and Keith as they delve into the world of Amazon affiliates and just how to make it work for you.

Chat GPT & the Education system | Peter Drew

With double digits of internet experience, wesimply cant deny that this weeks guest is an unbeatable software developer and a proven leading expert in generating free traffic from search engines

desperate for more? click the link below to get in contact with the man himself

EXPOSED! 15 Years of Internet Marketing Success | Anthony McCarthy

Anthony McCarthy is one of the few people who has managed to make a long term successful career in an industry that has seen more experts come and go each year than almost any other industry. It’s not because they’re no good, it’s because they don’t understand what this man does.

So join Mike and Tony to find out exactly how this living legend gets the job done.

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